We offer an extensive range of boilers, including steam, hot water, diathermic and pellet boilers. Garioni Naval is our European manufacturing partner who manufactures steam, hot water and diathermic boilers specific to customers’ demands. Unical supplies a series of hot water and steam boilers as well as wood-fired pellet boilers, which we have recently started including into our product line. For more info on boiler specifications, please contact our offices.

For more information, contact our Sales Team.

Combustion Management Systems


We are proud to be associated with one of the world-leaders in combustion management systems, Autoflame, who have won multiple awards over the past decades. Installing an Autoflame system will ensure optimum efficiency in your boiler house and will redefine how your business operates.

For more information, contact our Autoflame Manager, Dewald Lubbe at our Cape Town office.


We are the exclusive distributor for the world’s largest burner manufacturer, Riello, and offer their full range of burners, suitable for almost any fuel and equipment type. One of our other key suppliers, Limpsfield, is currently the only manufacturer who can guarantee O2 levels of below 3% across the firing range when using gas.

One of the latest additions to our burner range is of course Pelltech’s pellet burners. Pellet burners can replace the oil burners in most existing heating system or be the heart in a new pellet-fired installation. Our burners can be used with most solid fuel or liquid fuel boilers. The high quality, reliable components also give the burners a long life-time, with minimal maintenance and require no operator control for greater convenience.

For more information, you can contact any of our Service Engineers at our Cape Town office.

Other products

Our product offering is not limited to burners, boilers and combustion management systems. We offer Cipriani stainless steel plates and heat exchangers as well as a diverse range of air heaters from Technoclima. These air heaters can, amongst others, be used for greenhouse heating, factory heating, drying applications and poultry farm heating.

For more information on other products and spares, contact our offices for a quote.



Combustion Technology is proud to have a committed service department team with combined experience of over seventy-five years in the combustion engineering industry. Our department services not only the Western Cape but acts as a support arm for the Company’s dealership network throughout South Africa as well as the companies of the Johannesburg branch.

Please feel free to call us and let us know how we can be of service to you!