Biomass / Wood Pellets

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Biomass suitable for Combustion is any solid biological substance intended for energy purposes. In addition to crops grown expressly for energy purposes, biomass includes all agricultural and forestry products including the residues of agricultural processes and forest management, the waste of agro-alimentary products destined for human consumption and the non chemically treated residues of the woodworking and paper industries. Its short replacement time makes biomass a renewable energy source because the exploitation time of the substance is comparable to its regeneration time.

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Various Types of Biomass

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*Forest and woodworking industry waste (sawdust, bark, chips and woody materials in pieces of various sizes and varying moisture content)

*Agricultural waste (olive tree & vine pruning, etc)

*Food processing industry waste (tomato peels, solid distillation residues, apple processing residues, fruit juice processing residues, brewery distillation residues, seed oil production waste, bran processing waste, etc)

*Cleaning urban landscaping and embankments.



Currently Combustion Technology has procured and are able to store in the region of 40 tons of pellets in our warehouses on site, material which has come from waste produce and renewable sources. Contact us for information our biomass boilers and burners.

A new era of biomass energy has dawned! Help reduce your carbon footprint today!

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