The Little Optimist Race – 19 October 2019

Combustion Technology is a proud sponsor of the Great Optimist Race, that took place on 19 October 2019, one of the most unique and fun charity events in the country, raising awareness for The Little Optimist Trust.
The Little Optimist skippered by Kevan Wright and raising awareness and funds for pancreatic cancer research. Kevin achieved great success by being 4th in the race this year. The was boat proudly sponsored by Combustion Technology.

Tough Mudder – 19 October 2019, Elgin, Western Cape

A big Shout Out to the Combustion Technology Team who successfully completed the Tough Mudder obstacle course at the beautiful Elgin, in the Western Cape!!!
Tough Mudder is designed to test mental grit, camaraderie and all-around physical fitness over 8km or 16km of epic obstacles & mud.
GO TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Table Mountain Blues Summit - 6 & 7 December 2014, Hillcrest Quarry

Combustion Technology proudly supports local talent and is the main sponsor of the annual Table Mountain Blues Summit. The Summit presents an unbelievable selection of South Africa Blues and Blues Rock Music.

Blues Meets Rock Fest - 6 September 2014, Rondebosch Golf Club

Combustion Technology has been an ongoing sponsor of the Blues Meets Rock Initiative since 2007

Boulevard Blues Acoustic - 10 May 2014 SlowLife, Muizenberg

Boulevard Blues Acoustic was sponsored by Combustion Technology

Blues Meets Rock – 27 April, Durbanville Golf Club

Soweto Boxing Association - April 2014

Combustion Technology partnered with the Soweto Boxing Association, winning fighter at only 15 years of age, Matthew Bailie.
Soweto Boxing Organisation is a non-profit organisation whose primary concern is the development of amateur boxing within Soweto. As part of their development strategy for 2014, SOBO has introduced training clinics wherein coaches and boxers are introduced to high performance sport centres and trained by world class sportsmen and coaches. This will ensure that talented boxers and their coaches are given the opportunity to develop and excel in the sport of boxing. Combustion Technology stepped up for sponsoring transportation for the coaches and boxers so that all could attend the clinic.

Blues Meets Rock - 24 January 2014, Durbanville Golf Club

Combustion Technology, official sponsor of Blues Meets Rock initiative

Blues Meets Rock - 21 March 2014, Durbanville Golf Club

Combustion Technology has been an ongoing sponsor of Blues Meets Rock festivals.

Blues Meets Rock Fest - 29 December 2013, Durbanville Golf Club

The Annual Blues Meets Rock event hosted at the Durbanville Golf Club in Cape Town, broke its attendance record with over 250 attendees! It was a full house with bands like Boulevard Blues, Pebbleman, Melissa Osborne and Nick Becker keeping the crowd entertained until midnight. A cash prize was also given out sponsored by Combustion Technology as well as a Fender Acoustic Guitar sponsored by Fender

Table Mountain Blues Summit – 22 November 2013, Hillcrest Quarry


Combustion Technology proudly supports local talent and is the main sponsor of the annual Table Mountain Blues Summit. The Summit presents an unbelievable selection of South Africa Blues and Blues Rock Music.

Some of the artists that we have sponsored are Dan Patlansky, Boulevard Blues, Pebbleman

Complimentary CD’s and T-shirts were on offer at the event.

Biggest Blues Event of the YEAR!
Combustion Technology was once again a proud sponsor at 2013’s annual Table Mountain Blues Summit, where all the best Blues and Rock artists of SA came together to show what they’ve got! This year featured an incredible line-up and the show was definitely one to remember.

A Blues Story with a Summit of a Twist
Once upon a time there was a little girl… Eh? No… That’s another story.
OK, once upon a time, back in the day when Boulevard Blues first started out in 1998 it was hard to find a blues gig, never mind a blues festival. But they continued to ply their trade throughout South Africa and relentlessly had their say for many years targeting even small towns like Albertinia and even the likes of places where there were no towns like Ronnies Sex Shop in the Klein Karoo. Many of these small towns and places were pillaged and many a house, rap and trance were wiped out in the ensuring brigade. Boulevard Blues continued to spread the Blues Gospel for many years and with them they had an avid supporter of the band and a blues protagonist in the making. His name was Mike Combrinck.

Mike eventually managed Boulevard Blues for a couple of violent years and in 2006 decided a Blues Festival would be the order of the day. The brain child of the Blues Summit he started the festival on the 15th November 2006 at the Tafelberg Tavern in Cape Town. In 2006 this festival saw the reunion of the Blues Broers for a special summit performance and with the help of Boulevard Blues, Albert Frost, Dan Patlansky, Delta Blue, Piet Botha and Southern Gypsey Queen, it was a great success. Musically it was resoundingly good, but financially things could have been much better. Mike took the financial hit on the chin for the sake of the blues and paid each and every band member out of his own personal account. This was a defining moment for the blues crusade and secured the festival’s future growth.

In 2007 Mike entered into negotiation with long time bastion of Blues Rock, Richard Pryor to co-partner him in managing the Blues Summit. Richard, (a solid man of Rock) had an axe to grind and was sharpening his blues pencil to take the summit up a notch. His mandate was a musically successful summit with financial independence. Tapping into his own musical resources, databases and blues Ouija board, Richard secured the sponsorship of Combustion Technology to help out financially. Grant Renecle (CEO of the company) was a loyal blues crusader and he put his money where his mouth was: straight into local music. So, with Mike and Richard at the helm and Boulevard Blues sitting closely in support, 2007 was all systems go. By 2008, due to the rapid growth of the event, it was a SOLD OUT affair and this l’il blues puppy had outgrown the Tafelberg Tavern. The Blues Summit needed to move onto bigger and better things. It was starting to blow a hard blue breeze over the Cape Town metropolitan area.

One of the unsung heroes of ‘Blues in the Cape’ was Mike Crawford. He had been punting, plotting and planning Blues events for many years in the Durbanville area and beyond. A renowned ‘Knight of the Blues Table’ he squashed many a house, trance and rapper in its backtracks. Many residents in the area were unaware of the brutal blues onslaught that this man was ensuring. An avid blues crusader and keen blues harp player he knew Boulevard Blues very well through countless jams with the band. Amongst many other things he was the events manager at Bloemendal Wynhuis. And so, with Boulevard Blues and Co having played many gigs at Bloemendal before, Mike Combrinck and Richard Pryor knew it was the perfect place to continue the Summit attack after it outgrew the Tafelberg Tavern. 2009 was the beginning of a new blues era which continued and grew happily for 3 years.

2009 was a watershed year for the Summit when it doubled in size from a 400 crowd to nearly 1000 people through the door. The Blues was alive and growing with insidious dexterity at Bloemendal Wine Estate. With Combustion Technology now firmly behind the Blues Summit, Paul Bothner Music was introduced and they have been a mainstay supporter and sponsor ever since. Fender threw some muscle into the event as well by offering a Genuine Fender axe giveaway at every summit. This added to the Blues Brutality that was about to begin.
2010 Built on previous foundations and we started seeing many more young blues soldiers starting to take shape and move on up in the Blues/Rock ranks. Then finally in 2011 the Blues Summit saw its biggest crowd ever, in excess of 1,600 people on a single blues day. It was a great day for the Summit through hard work and dedication by this great blues family. Young blues bands were thriving and blues gigs and festivals were cropping up all over the place. It was finally a time where you could be spoilt for choice if you were an avid blues/rock fan.
In 2012 It was then decided to upgrade the festival to a 2-day encounter for the very first time. It was all systems go and things were looking great, but disaster loomed! On the 9th of November 2012 The City Council declared war on Bloemendal and prohibited it from hosting the Summit and also prohibited all future events. With only 3 weeks to go at the time an almost impossible task of finding a new venue lay before the organisers. Knocking on the doors of all the wine farms in the region was not enough; and none were able to accommodate this burgeoning blues/rock army. We were facing a crisis situation.

After a week of searching, and heavy negotiating the Cape Town Ostrich Ranch on the N7 stepped in and saved the Summit from a deathly City Council blow. This really was the strongest band line-up to date and the first time the Summit had offered overnight camping. But Alas with only 2 weeks to go until the actual summit date the crowds in 2012 did not translate well to the sudden and abrupt venue change. And with half the numbers and double the expenses it was 2006 all over on a much bigger scale. A musical success, but a financial headache for the organisers. However, they bit the bullet hard, cracked some teeth and continued their musical crusade to wipe out Bieberism and backtracks.

The journey steamed towards November 2013 where the Summit returned to Durbanville and hits hard at the popular Hillcrest Quarry on Hillcrest Wine Estate. With the continued musical directions delivered from Blues Gospel Crusaders: Mike Combrinck, Richard Pryor, Boulevard Blues, Mike Crawford, Combustion Technology, Paul Bothner Music, Fender and YOU the extended blues family, we ensured that the spirit of blues/rock continued well into 2013 and beyond.