Boilers and burners company keeps running during lockdown

Boilers and burners company keeps running during lockdown

Apr 23, 2020 | Latest News

With more than 30 years of experience in gas burner and boiler installation, combustion and heating solutions provider Combustion Technology is registered as an essential services provider during the national lockdown period.

The Combustion Technology team is working around the clock to provide remote boiler monitoring, management, service & support on equipment, and critical spare parts to many of the critical and essential industries. These industries, such as healthcare, food production, life stock, oil and pharmaceuticals need great support in this time of crisis.

The Combustion Technology team stands proudly with others in the industry to provide continued emergency boiler support to the essential businesses that support the nation during this time of lockdown.

With continued operations, the company ensures that strict safety precautions are adhered to during site visits and call-outs. The Combustion Technology Team ensures that a 2 m distance is kept from other individuals at all times. Suitable times are established with clients to ensure safe work practices in vulnerable work environments, and teams are fully equipped with protective clothing, masks and gloves at all time.

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