Engineering News : Boilers & Burners Feature

Engineering News : Boilers & Burners Feature

Jun 7, 2019 | Latest News

Combustion Technology is the market leader in oil and gas burner and boiler installations, sales and service.
With offices in Cape Town and Johannesburg, Combustion Technology has an extensive dealer network throughout South Africa and it is well-positioned to service its large customer base across the country.
Combustion Technology is the exclusive distributor of the following leading brands for boilers and burners in the Southern Hemisphere:

    • BONO Energia
    • IVAR
    • Unical
    • Riello
    • Garioni Naval
    • Limpsfield
    • Autoflame combustion management systems

The company provides exceptional standards of product delivery, from sales and installations, through to after-sales service and spare-parts support.
Combustion Technology is committed to the reduction of carbon emissions in the combustion industry. One of its key suppliers, Limpsfield Engineering, is the only company in the world to guarantee oxygen levels of sub 3% throughout the complete burner firing range. “We give a written guarantee on a whole project that, if we do not meet these very specific emissions standards, we reimburse,” says Combustion Technology MD Grant Renecle.

The company recently assisted AbinBev to reduce its carbon emissions by installing two new gas-fired Boilers and converting two existing coal-fired boilers to natural gas. There was a dramatic reduction in energy usage, with efficiency increasing from about 70% for the coal-boiler, to a consistent efficiency of 80% to 83% in the replacement natural-gas boiler. Production energy usage improved from between 175-154 MJ/hi to 105-99 MJ/hi, with the introduction of natural gas.

“Our customers who have opted for gas-fired boilers are seeing the rands and cents savings but, more so, they are reducing emissions, which is fast becoming a critical element in the business environment. The downstream benefits of having better quality steam and improved reliability in their boiler operations also results in better overall plant productivity,” says Renecle.
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