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As a company that delivers modern, efficient solutions for oil and gas burner and boiler installations, Combustion Technology prides itself on its continuous carbon reduction cognisance, both for its own operations and for those of its clients, says Combustion Technology MD Grant Renecle.

He explains the company has the technologies on hand to accurately predict carbon reduction figures by conducting Fuel Efficiency Audits even before selling a product to its clients.

“This gives us an added advantage and our clients have peace of mind before a project starts,” he says, adding that in most cases the company is confident enough in its technologies to offer a money-back guarantee.

Renecle points out that Combustion Technology has two branches, in Cape Town and Johannesburg, and is the exclusive distributor of boiler control solutions developer Autoflame Combustion Management Systems in South Africa and Mauritius.

“Our footprint spans every sub-Saharan African country, and the service in these countries includes full engineering support and sales,” he enthuses.

Autoflame’s products have been well received, but the sector is still in a growth phase, so further growth is expected. He stresses that only Autoflame’s MK8 can control the combustion process, as well as all the steam boiler controls simultaneously, with a single controller.

“We have 100% of the market share, as no other controller can [perform] these functions,” he explains.

Latest Technologies

Earlier this year Autoflame launched its Mini Mk9, the latest generation of pioneering burner controllers.

Renecle says Combustion Technology is currently marketing the Autoflame Mini Mk9 to its clients, highlighting that it can trim the air/fuel ratio of a client’s operation by monitoring the actual flame.

The new Mini Mk9 is globally patented and all Autoflame products are registered and approved by industry body Southern African Gas Association and have all the required permits in terms of the Safe Gas Equipment Scheme.

Products that Protect

According to Autoflame sales director Steve Kemp, the company is a global manufacturer of “world-class commercial and industrial combustion control and monitoring solutions that empower clients to monitor and reduce emissions, fuel and maintenance costs”, while increasing reliability in operations.

He adds Autoflame has built longstanding, trusting relationships with many of its technology centres, growing together and aiding the reduction of plant emissions worldwide.

“The technology centres understand their markets and their economic, environmental and geopolitical situations,” he adds.

Further, Autoflame has worked with companies and sites on a variety of applications and fuel types including biogas, hydrogen and other alternative fuels.

Kemp stresses that in addition to versatility and sustainability, safety, accessibility and precision are paramount to Autoflame.

“Our products carry [internationally-recognised] approvals and are tested and approved by the local safety authorities as well,” says Kemp.

Additionally, approvals, including ATEX explosionproof approvals, mean that Autoflame products can be securely used in numerous and diverse sectors, from hospital boiler rooms to petrochemicals plants.

“Working closely with suppliers and manufacturing teams means Autoflame meets and exceeds every safety approval globally at no additional cost to the client,” Kemp concludes.


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