JUST LAUNCHED – Unical SWP Pool Heating Efficiency combined with Nanotechnology

JUST LAUNCHED – Unical SWP Pool Heating Efficiency combined with Nanotechnology

Sep 16, 2019 | Latest News

Unical SWP Pool Heating Efficiency combined with Nanotechnology

Direct exchange condensing boilers for swimming pool heating with Natural Gas or LPG Gas. With New Unical SWP Pool Heating, your pool water is directly heated by boilers, not through a host of pumps and heat exchangers like average pool heating systems. Unical SWP Pool Heating system uses condensing boilers and therefore 98% efficient. Easy to install & less expensive on installation costs!!

Advantages of the direct UNICAL Swimming pool Heater

Easy connection: It is possible to add the Swimming pool Heater directly in an existing system without any change to the installation. Use of the Swimming pool pump: no extra pump needed for the circulation, the same pump used for the recirculation of the Pool water is used for the circulation on the Swimming pool Heater, just a manual bypass is needed in order to calibrate the flow rate on the Swimming pool Heater. No Titanium Plate heat exchanger: all the energy of the Swimming Pool Heater is exchanged directly with the swimming pool water, without losses of another exchanger.

Low temperature work, the CONDENSING swimming pool Heater works directly at the pool temperature 28-30 °C maximizing the efficiency thanks to the condensation technology.

Pipe and material used on the Swimming pool Heater studied for the specific use with Chlorine and salt water, all the pipes are made of PVC and the Exchanger use a nanotechnological coating for the water side protection


  • Aluminum alloy – The Unical heat exchanger is manufactured of aluminum alloy. The alloy  includes  aluminum  for  superior  heat  transfer,  magnesium  for  superior temperature resistance, and silica for superior corrosion resistance.  This combination of materials is a Significant part of the solution to defeat the corrosive effects
  • Water side extra protection: Special coating «10-9» is used on the water side in order to create an anticorrosion shield.
  • Single Cast – The Unical heat  exchanger  does  not  include  a single welding seams. This is important because corrosion tends to occur in condensing boilers at the welding seams where the heat exchanger construction material is weakest.
  • Large water passes – Reduce the scaling problem.
  • Flow direction – Heat is transferred most efficiently when gas and water are flowing in opposite directions.
  • Water speed – For maximum heat transfer and efficiency it’s critical to control the speed of water through the heat exchanger, for this reason the water passages at the bottom of the heat exchanger are larger in section than the water passages at the top of the  heat exchanger, according to the different  water and smoke temperature in that area.
  • Heating Surface Variation – Similar to water speed, heating surface variation is critical to maximize heat transfer.
  • Water wall – This means very few kW escape the heat exchanger or are radiated outward from the boiler. Water walls maximize  efficiency,  minimize  temperature related electronics failures, and alleviate safety concerns related to over-temperature.

Nanotechnology «10-9»

What is nanotechnology?

“Nano” comes from the Greek “Nanos” = dwarf. When it comes to nanotechnology, one speaks of magnitudes ten thousand times smaller than a millimeter. Through reductions in nanoscale, known materials take on characteristics quite new.

Nanotechnology is far ahead compared to traditional technologies. Thanks to clever self-organizing layout, It is possible to produce in a targeted manner the optimum coating for the respective use.

Traditional coatings in which the individual coating particles are arranged at random. The coating is unstable and the surface is not fully protected.

Coatings «10-9» : the particles are arranged in multiple thin self-organizing layers, providing a highly stable and comprehensive protection.

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