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Customised and flexible boiler rental solutions

From its base in Cape Town, Combustion Technology has made its name in the sound management of steam boilers for clients in different industries. With opportunities opening up in the mining sector, the company is eager to provide its solutions to clients involved in projects in Africa in 2022 and beyond. The company offers customised steam boiler rental solutions and builds containerised steam boilers.

Mining companies have been ramping up production consistently since the last quarter of 2020. Analysts predict that this trend will continue in 2022 and beyond. It is in times like these, as mining companies are focusing on their core businesses, with limited capacity and expertise to manage critical equipment is overstretched. Unfortunately, this could have implications on output, when, unexpectedly, equipment failure occurs, resulting in huge revenue losses.

Outsourcing Steam Boiler Management

Grant Renecle, The Managing Director of Combustion Technology, points out that the situation could be worse when the equipment affected is steam boilers, which need special attention and unique expertise to manage. Hence, he advises that it would be wise for mining companies to consider outsourcing the management of steam boilers to a specialist company with a proven track record in the area. The benefits would be immense: by relieving themselves of the liability that comes with managing equipment, mining companies could devote more resources towards their core business, increasing revenue.

Extensive knowhow for uninterrupted operations

Renecle affirms that Combustion Technology is well-equipped to provide a solution to mining projects to ensure uninterrupted flow of operations. This is based on the company’s extensive knowhow in the provision of modern, world-class and highly efficient environment-friendly solutions to meet any combustion and heating challenge.

“If you are looking for new ways to manage your Steam Boilers, it is time to leave it up to us,” he says, referencing the range of the company’s customer-centred solutions and the service guarantees that come with it.

Mobile Container Solutions

Combustion Technology provides both rental and sale of custom-built containerised steam boilers.

  1. Flexible and targeted equipment rental solutions

While recognising that there are a number of players in the market, Combustion Technology believes that its unique approach to customer focus is what sets it apart from competition.

The company offers flexible and targeted rental solutions that are adaptable to emergency and unexpected situations in equipment rental.

The company’s rental solutions encompass steam production for short-or long-term periods on their site – depending on the client’s needs at the particular time. “Whether you are dealing with long maintenance operations or seasonal production peaks, we offer options to outsource your steam production for short- or long-term periods,” Renecle illustrates.

In particular, Combustion Technology’s boiler rental solutions have been developed bearing in mind all the industrial needs, spanning the following areas:

  • Lowest operating rental cost.
  • 24/7 Boiler Management Service.
  • Pre-Installation Consultation.
  • Supply in Multiples of 2,000Kg/h of Steam.
  • Delivery and Installation Support.
  • Start-Up.
  • Operator Training.
  1. Custom-built containerized boilers

Not only does the company rent, but also builds containerised boilers based on the client’s requirements, demands and specifications.

Prominently, the containerised boilers have got the following specifications:

  • Unical BAHR 2000 Steam Boiler.
  • Limpsfield LC 15 Dual Fuel Burner.
  • Autoflame Control System.
  • Lowest Fuel consumption of any Competitor.
  • 2,000L Hotwell Tank.
  • 1,500L Fuel Tank.
  • Water Treatment System.
  • SANS 329 Compliant.
  • all ancillaries (feedwater tank, fuel tank, stack, water treatment system, control panel & burner).

Moreover, to ensure sound condition monitoring and eliminate or reduce downtime all mobile boilers include the Combustion Technology Boiler System Interface. The Combustion Technology Boiler System Interface enables 24/7 off-site monitoring of the Plant Performance and all boiler key functions.

Reliable service provider

Ultimately, when a company rents or purchases a containerised boiler from Combustion Technology, it is engaging a reliable service provider. Guaranteed of the following:

  • Speed of Supply
    With rental, there is no investment required, the customer is able to make rapid and non-binding decisions on the boiler. It is ready for delivery and the customer is able to try the boiler before buying.
  • Energy Efficient
    Recognising that energy is one of the biggest factors in high operating costs in industries, Combustion Technology’s solutions consume 8-12% less fuel than any competitor.
  • Transparency
    When dealing with Combustion Technology, there is no hidden fine print. There are no nasty surprises, as costs are certain, which enables clear planning.
  • Guarantee
    Most importantly, the boilers are certified and comply with all statutory regulations.

Committed to excellent delivery in 2022 and beyond
Renecle reiterates Combustion Technology’s commitment to meeting customised needs in steam boiler solutions for clients in the African mining sector in 2022 and beyond. “We have the wherewithal to supply both customised rental and outright purchases in containerised steam boilers.”

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