Riello manufactures a comprehensive range of gas, oil and dual fuel burners for residential, commercial and industrial applications, for single stage, two stage and modulating operation. They also manufacture gas boosters for applications where the mains gas pressure available needs to be increased.

Since early 1920’s Riello was the first company to adapt domestic light oil burners for use in bakers’ ovens and other specialist applications. Through extensive innovation, expansion and development at Riello’s Combustion Research Centre, the Company continue to increase in scope and size to present day.

Now, Riello has achieved primacy in Europe with its pre-mix monobloc burners, combining high efficiency with very low NOx emissions.

RIELLO Combustion Research & Development Centre of Excellence

More than 3600sqm out of a total area of 10000smq dedicated to the RESEARCH and DEVELOPMENT of the burners combustion. 20 test benches for burners testing from 10kW up to 20.000kW.

There is no beating 100 years of Innovation and Excellence with Riello!

What is Riello today? To get to know it, you have to go through a journey of its 100-year history.

Energy in Buildings & Industry (EiBI), a leading British magazine, recently published an article on Riello’s achievements with an outlook to the future. ​




The story of Riello began with the development of burners for producing bread. After a period of more than 85 years, during which the company has continuously pursued high standards of quality, reliability and energy savings, Riello S.p.A., under the trademark Riello Burners, offers a complete range of burners and accessories for the combustion of gas and light oil, designed for the equipment for the artisan and industrial production of bread, pizzas and every type of leavened product and confectionery.


  • Heating for greenhouse and breeding
  • Drying of cereal
  • Production of bread and bakery industry
  • Dairy and meat industry
  • Canning industry
  • Cooking food in the community
  • Beverage industry
  • Coffee roasting

Riello burners are used in the production of steam for cleaning, de-greasing, sanitization, pasteurization, sterilization as well as for cooking food and being an ideal solution for technology of fertilization in greenhouses or in structures for growing vegetables or flowers.

These thermal machines which generate heat in the life cycle of the Agrifood cultivation in all the main phases: from the early development of seedlings in greenhouses, and of farm animals through the processes of transformation in the canning industry until the preparation of the dishes at the base of the power supply that provides daily, with nutrition, energy that sustains life.


Greenhouse heating allow to obtain high production also in regions with colder climates and irregular seasonal temperatures.

Heating the basal zone creates a microclimate that allows for flexible production in terms of both the species cultivated and maturation times

Heated greenhouses use hot air generators or centralised water boilers with large volumes and heating elements or heaters
For species and varieties that permit it, heating the substrate can lead to significant energy savings.


The drying process of cereals plays a vital role in the production chain and transformation, as it enables cultivation and proper storage even in countries with less favourable climates during the harvest season.

Burners installed on dryers generate the heat necessary for the system’s operation, which may have fixed or movable structures. They work by heating the air around the product, raising temperatures enough to evaporate the water content and reduce humidity to the optimal level for storage.

Power can be supplied using either liquid or gaseous fuels, with direct or indirect thermal exchange systems.


Riello’s story began with the development of burners for baking bread.

After more than 100 years of consistently pursuing high standards of quality, reliability, and energy efficiency, Riello S.p.A. now offers a complete range of burners and accessories for the combustion of gas and light oil. These products are designed for equipment used in the artisanal and industrial production of bread, pizzas, all types of leavened products, and confectionery.


In the food industry, steam is also used to process food. Riello has a wide range of products suitable for these applications.

Steam generation generally occurs at high pressure (12-15 bars), but can also be achieved at low pressure (0.5-1 bar).

The production capacity of steam per unit may vary from less than 1 ton / h up to 20-25 tons/h for the generators smoke pipes and also in addition to those water tube that covering also the field of higher pressures.


In the food industry, steam is used in many machining operations and processes.

The amount of steam produced per unit can range from less than 1 ton per hour up to 20-25 tons per hour for the generator’s smoke pipes, as well as for the water tubes used in sugar (30 bar pressure).

Riello offers a wide range of products for the canning industry.


In recent times, solutions have been developed for large-scale cooking systems. The customised solutions for mobile and industrial kitchens deserve special attention.

The R40 oil burner is intended for community-use mobile/industrial kitchens.

Output range up to 65 kW with manual adjustment of flame.


The Riello brand is well known in the beverage industry for its burners for steam boiler production. Beer is made by heating wort with hops to boiling point in a boiler using steam.

During the boiling process, steam or high-pressure jets of boiling water are used to sterilise and concentrate the must.

Combustion Technology is the only SAGA Permit holder to hold both Gas and Oil Permits for Industrial Burners, complying with SANS 329 and 13577


Together with RIELLO we are always ahead of the curve with Innovation and decarbonisation goals!


Biogas is a renewable energy source, produced from organic raw materials. An important milestone for environmental sustainability!
Biogas burners are specifically designed for renewable fuel.

More Information

For many years, Riello has been involved in supplying solutions for combustion of biogas, actively supporting the diffusion of this renewable energy source.

Specific models of Riello burners are suitable for combustion of a single source Biogas or for combustion of fuels from a dual source, Biogas and Natural gas; all the models are also suitable for combustion of Biomethane.

The burners of RS and DB series are the core of RIELLO’s offer for Biogas combustion; covering a wide power output range, they are suitable with Mechanical Cam, for a simple management, or Electronic Cam in order to obtain a perfect output control.

The Biogas burners are derived from the standard products, so keeping the same reliability and robustness, but equipped with the needed solutions and upgrades to made them an ideal proposal for the renewable green gasses; they are developed based on European Standards indications and are conforming to the European Directives for EMC, Low Voltage and Machinery.

They are designed for combustion of Biogas only and of Biogas and an alternative fuel, including both, local and remote gas type selection.


RIELLO 40 MILLENIUM is now compatible with blends up to 100% Biofuel. Available in two models, from 19 to 60 kW, is ideal for replacements.
Biofuels and renewable fuels can play a significant role to reach decarbonization goals.
For those people leaving in rural areas that may not have an easy access to electricity, biofuels represent a viable and more sustainable energy source.
It features a new digital control box and optimized mechanical parts for enhanced reliability and safety when working with 100% Biofuel.

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Towards an Energy Transition

The growing worldwide attention to climate change, combined with the definition of a roadmap to make Europe the first continent with zero climate impact, as envisaged by the objectives linked to the Green Deal, in addition to the role played by renewables and the new opportunities offered by ‘hydrogen are the factors that are orienting the world energy scene towards a modern, energy-efficient circular economy model.

The role of green hydrogen in energy-intensive industries


Riello launched an ambitious project in 2019 for the development of a range of blown burners and boilers (condensing boilers combined with burners), specifically developed to operate in full efficiency and safety with green hydrogen.

Thanks to the excellent results achieved, the new Riello boilers powered by 100% hydrogen are now being developed to reach up to 3 MW and to be used in experimental applications with commercial and industrial partners.

How electrolysis works:

  1. The water used in the electrolysis process must contain salts and minerals to conduct electricity
  2. Two electrodes are immersed in water and connected to the energy source, which applies a direct current
  3. Dissociation between hydrogen and oxygen occurs when the electrodes extractions with an opposite electrical charge
  4. During electrolysis, an oxide reduction reaction takes place due to the effect of electricity

Green hydrogen, obtained by electrolysis of water with the use of electricity produced from “discontinuous” renewable sources such as wind power or photovoltaics, will play a decisive role in the decarbonisation of energy-intensive industries such as aviation and maritime, steel and chemical industries. The new Riello burners have been tested to operate with 100% hydrogen with the aim to reach up to 3 MW output for use in experimental applications with commercial and industrial partners.

Types of Hydrogen

In the future, the expected decrease in the costs of electrolyzers, the technological progress of renewable energy plants and the consequent reduction in the cost of the kWh produced will make it possible to create large-scale green Hydrogen production plants. The production of green hydrogen can therefore represent a way of transforming, accumulating and reusing the energy produced by renewable sources that are “discontinuous” by their nature (such as wind power and photovoltaics).


Bitumen tankers are fitted with burners and used for the transportation of different types of bulk liquid-like asphalt/bitumen products (oil/petroleum).

Our burners maintain the temperature of the bitumen at the desired level to ensure ease of offloading.

The Riello 40 F20 is often used for this application.

Riello burner installation – OEM (CA Muller)

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