Thermo Processing Burner Range


BP R Series 5 – 1,450 kW power output

The burners of the BP R series were specifically studied and realized in order to obtain a combustion apparatus with the maximum efficiency, working in extreme flexibility and with possibility of every kind of assembling configuration. The BP R burner series has been designed to maintain maximum efficiency in extreme situations. Its flexible configuration makes it very versatile. These burners can easily be used in various situations, such as:
Direct and indirect fired applications & re-circulating and non, re-circulating applications.
Wide turndown ratio, up to 1:30. Reduced overall dimensions. Clean combustion with new fast mixing combustion head. Reduced flame length. Available with On-Off, Two-stage High-Low, Modulating fixed air or Modulating air/gas progressive operations. Easy installation, adjustment and maintenance.
BP R burners are designed to be used in medium-low temperature industrial processes, commonly used on air heating thermal equipment. The burner can be used in all types of kilns, suitable for oxidative stoichiometric or reducing combustion.


BP N Series burner 150 GVS 88 – 6,000kW high/average speed gas burner

The BP N 150 GVS gas burner is a blown-air burner which can operate with natural gas, LPG, lean gas and gas with low calorific power (on request).
Burner operation may be automatic or semiautomatic, and burner is equipped with electric ignition and detection electrode. This burner is classified as a “high/medium speed gas burner”, with exhaust gases speed coming out from the combustion chamber racing from few m/s to 100 m/s, or even higher speed according to the outlet diameter of the burner cone. Combustion air temperature may range from room temperature to 100 °C.
Max. thermal power is 1.750 kW (1.500 Mcal/h) and min. thermal power is 88 kW (75 Mcal/h).
Because of its flexibility, this burner may be adjusted with a wide capacity range up to a 20:1 ratio. Can be used in all types of kilns, suitable for oxidative, stoichiometric or reducing combustion

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