Cape Rooibos



Equipment installed: Riello RL190ECO, IVAR BHP 2000 Reverse Flame Steam Boiler
Fuel: Illuminating Paraffin
Saving: 7% fuel savings


Cape Rooibos required a New state-of-the-art Light Oil-Fired Steam Boiler Plant and approached Combustion Technology.


Grant Renecle offered Mr Jaco Lategan of Cape Rooibos a Special type Riello model RL190ECO modulating burner with full Autoflame controls. The model selection was crucial in order to utilize a VSD on the fan to minimize electrical consumption and to increase combustion air control. Included, was the latest MK8 Micro Modulation unit to manage TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) as well as automated bottom blow downs. The new MK8 MM allows for external flow meter inputs as well as additional First Out Annunciation inputs.

All of these components were then linked to the latest Boiler Management System the MK8 DTI for 24/7 management and Control of the Steam Boiler Plant installed. All of the boiler functions are monitored, and records are kept for 2 years. The remote monitoring is done in-house, and reports are submitted monthly with current operation and data interpretation for any efficiency improvements or maintenance interventions.

The emissions are monitored by the Autoflame O2 Interface Module linked to an O2 sensor, with exhaust flue temperature and ambient temperature probes to manage performance efficiency 24/7. Not only are the emissions monitored, but the system allows for automatic combustion trimming to maintain commissioned levels regardless of environmental changes or mechanical or hydraulic wear.

Numerous sensors are linked to the Autoflame I/O Module, to monitor and manage all critical data.

The entire package was installed by First Class Boiler Contractors – Platinum Boilers.

Contract Report