OCEANA GROUP – Desert Diamond Fishing Vessel



Customer: OCEANA GROUP – Desert Diamond Fishing Vessel

Location: Cape Town Harbour, Western Cape, SA

Year: 2018

Boiler Type: Alfa Laval Aarlborg OS 8500kg/h water tube steam boiler

Burner Type: Riello P 450 P/N Eco

Burner Controller: Complete IP rated control panel with MK8 Combustion Management system, O2 interface module, 2 X I/O units, SSR heater pack control, modulating water level control with feed pump and VSD for Fan motor. All fuel and water pressures and temperatures monitored with sensors. MK8 Remote Management System installed remotely in the engine control room for ease of control.

Fuel: HFO Marine Diesel

Remote Monitoring: Autoflame Data Transfer Interface (DTI) in plant


Supply and Commission Alfa Laval Aarlborg OS 8500 kg/h steam boiler with Riello P 450 P/N Eco with Autoflame Management System.


We installed the Autoflame Combustion Management System with data transfer interface (DTI) that allows us to now monitor the system’s operation remotely.

While land-based boiler systems can be accessed at any time, the operations on vessels can only be logged onto when the vessel is in port. 

The decision to introduce this system, even though it cannot be accessed and monitored as often as is the case with boilers on land, is because the maritime environment is harsh. A remote monitoring system such as this ensures that the boiler is working at continuous levels of efficiency and allows us to pick up on any irregularities much quicker. 

It is a far more pro-active approach to maintenance and more cost-effective in the long run.

The system is monitored whenever the vessel is in a port anywhere along its fishing route and allows the Combustion Technology team to plan ahead to address any concerns when it returns to homeport. 

A Riello P450PN ECO fully modulating burner with variable speed drive on the fan motor as well as water and oil flow metering with remote logging was also installed. 

In addition, oil detection equipment for the feedwater tank, dual feedwater pumps, salinity and dissolved O2 detection with alarm equipment, a flue gas temperature measurement and transmitter, an Automatic Bottom Blowdown System, TDS Control System with automated top blowdown and an exhaust gas oxygen probe and interface were all part of the upgrade.