SAB – The South African Breweries



Customer: SAB – The South African Breweries 
Boiler type:  2 off Single furnace Nat Gas Boilers and 2 off Twin furnace Coal Fired boilers
Burner models: LC200 burner, LC44 burner, LC88 burners
Fuel: Natural Gas
Fuel savings: 13-32%


Between 2012 -2013 SAB Rosslyn embarked on an aggressive program to reduce its carbon footprint and emission reductions, by installing two new natural gas fired boilers and converting two of the existing John Thomson coal fired boilers to natural gas firing. The main objective was to cease the use of coal fired boilers.


  • After installation the energy usage of the brewery has improved from 175-154 MJ/HI to 105-99 MJ/HI – approx. 32%
  • Increase in boiler efficiency by approx. 13%
  • Sub 3% O2 levels through the complete firing range while <10 ppm of CO – PLUS Significant reduction in maintenance costs


  • Consistently meeting air quality regulations
  • Quieter boiler house
  • New plant provides quick reaction to plant load and allows for easy maintenance
  • Much cleaner boiler house and happy people
  • The Autoflame/Limpsfield controls and burner combination together with our Autoflame Exhaust Gas Analysers (EGA) has served us well and will recommend it to anybody.

(Leroy Crawford – SAB Rosslyn Project Engineer)

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