Feb 4, 2022 | Latest News

Company adds more mobile boilers to portfolio.

Local boiler and burner supplier Combustion Technology is adding two new boiler rental units to its rental offering, bringing its total available capacity to five mobile containerised boiler units.

The fabrication of the boiler steam plants, which is being undertaken at the Combustion Technology head office, in Cape Town, will be completed later this month.

“The boiler units are being built into 6 m containers for ease of operation at any location,” says Combustion Technology Project Engineer, Pieter Wentzel.

These containers are also easily transported to any site.

Since the establishment of its boiler rental service in 2018, the company has manufactured two units that can supply up to 1 750 kg/h and another unit that can supply up to 2 000 kg/h, all of which are built into 6 m high cube containers.

Wentzel says that, in addition to the rental option, the company includes a boiler management system and a 24/7 real-time remote monitoring service to ensure reliability and efficient performance.

“The mobile steam plants are serviced at regular intervals to conform to South African pressure equipment regulations

Safety Act,” he points out. “Unlike our competitors, our mobile rentals include all the ancillaries, such as a feedwater tank, fuel tank, stack, water treatment system, control panel and burner,” he adds.

The system is therefore a ‘plug and play’ solution for quick installation.

The boilers are fully certified and boast the highest energy efficiency, using 8 to 12% less fuel than most its competitors, in the same sector – and recorded the lowest emissions and conform to the highest safety regulations – according to its component supplier industrial burner manufacturer Limpsfield Combustion Engineering’s accreditations.

He explains the portable boiler containers are completely enclosed and ready to start working on delivery.

“No additional time or expense is required to install the system or protect it from the weather,” adds Wentzel. ”. . . the boiler and all its controls are installed inside a self-sufficient mobile container and are ready to use in a matter of minutes.”

He says the containers are fully kitted with powerful, reliable, high-quality boiler technology, and can easily be connected to local gas supplies.

Additionally, the boilers are dual-fuel ready and comply with SANS 329.

All the boilers include Autoflame technology, allowing the client to completely manage all boiler key functions, such as accessing steam flow metering, water level control, fuel pressure and stack temperature, as well as comparing fuel consumption with steam generation.

The technology also monitors fuel pressure and stack temperatures and ensures that the boilers maintain ideal emission outputs.

“Essentially the Combustion Technology Boiler Interface System tracks and monitors anything that may interfere with production and output,” Wentzel says.

Built-in alarms alert Combust ion Technology’s Engineers of deviations from commissioned values.

“Immediate interventions are then actioned to ensure that the highest efficiencies are maintained,” he concludes.


The containerised boilers on offer from Combustion Technology are easily transported owing to being secured in container vessels

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