Engineering News Feature – Regaining control of boiler and burner operations with Combustion Technology

Engineering News Feature – Regaining control of boiler and burner operations with Combustion Technology

Jun 4, 2021 | Latest News

Combustion Technology’s Boiler System Interface solution helps restore control of equipment and facilities, enabling full management of all boiler house key functions. Through its 12.1” user-friendly multi-touchscreen interface, Combustion Technology is able to log on to any equipped site and view all operational boilers and burners in real-time. 

Using Combustion Technology’s Exhaust Gas Analyser to sample exhaust gases, readings are fed back to the controller. Good emissions indicate good combustion, which translates to reduced fuel consumption, reduced carbon taxes, and overall cost savings.

The Boiler System Interface solution allows for up to 10 boilers to be connected on a single site and enables round-the-clock management of a range of functionalities, including:

• All burner functions

• Steam flow metering

• Water level control 

• Fuel consumption compared to steam generation

• Fuel pressure 

• Ideal emissions (O2, CO2, CO) 

How it works

•The Boiler System Interface collects and stores critical data history for up to two years

• Combustion Technology connects to the Boiler System Interface by means of a router built into its control panel

• The central control room monitors all key parameters on a connected plant, 24/7

• Alarms alert Combustion Technology engineers if setpoints drift off commissioned values

• Interventions are actioned immediately to ensure that the highest efficiencies are maintained at all clients’ boiler plants

The Mk8 Universal Input-Output (IO)module logs analog inputs and outputs when connected through the Boiler System Interface. Digital and analog inputs and outputs are contained in one unit and can be used for a number of applications.

Analog signals include:

• Feedwater temperature

• Oil pump pressure

• Steam pressure

• Fuel flow rates 

• Feedwater flowrates

Digital signals include:

• Burner status

• Pump status

• Fan status

• Valve status 


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